Taking Back the Streets for Jesus

A "LLI Fellowship" Outreach Vision

"Connecting public worship and preaching to reach the nations!" 

Walking as our Savior walked... out in the fields, streets, and by the sea 

to gather His people - the remnant of G-d!

Why Revival Tarries! 

We thank you for your faith-filled gift

Our TBTS for Jesus Staff graciously thanks you for your support!

 The young lady standing on stage, Kelly, sang and worshiped before the Lord publicly in our town of Pilot Mountain.  Kelly was only 15 years old when she performed with her band, Mycalvary.  

Even at her tender age she has the sense of her calling and her God... her gift is especially appreciated at Livin Lattes and LLI Fellowhip.

The worship group, Mycalvary, had a unique and very special calling from the Lord to bring their generation into the presence of God.  

Since this picture the Lord has brought a major challenge to the Mycalvary band, their leader, Brandon McDaniel was tragically killed in a car accident in March 2009.

As Brandon enters the cloud of witnesses above us, cheering his fellow band members on from the throne of heaven, together with him we believe they will carry the message of the cross to the ends of the world.

Austin and Not Really are getting ready to open in the heat on July 22nd.  The weather was so incredible and weird at the same time.  When Austin and the band went on it was so humid.  As the day went on the humidity diminished.  Then the entire event closed with flashes of lightening on top of Pilot Mountain as the last band, Broken, played their set.  From 5 pm to 11:15 pm we had no rain in downtown Pilot Mountain, while it poured buckets of rain everywhere else.

 Tommie Green of Sleeping Giant!

TBTS 2008 Aquifer Stage

Our heart desire is to reach people with a message that will challenge them to be more then a mere occupant of the planet.  

These are times of great transition and challenge so we want to focus on the common goal of reaching the hurting, the heart-broken, and the downcast with a message of saving love and hope!  

The body of Christ is so divided and we believe gathering publicly will join all of God's people around the central truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

 The early days of Mycalvary

 Our First Year

TBTS for Jesus 2006

The Lord testified of His Pleasure in our worship!

The bad weather was held off by His Power!

 Pilot Mountain is one of the most unique mountains ever formed by the hand of our God.  The native americans fought over supremacy of the mountain.  The Cherokee native americans named the mountain "Jomeokee" referring to its unique shape and usefulness as a guide to the traveler.


 TBTS 2008 Jomeokee Campground

What an incredible time we had!

 Tyler wearing out his bass (main stage)

Tommie stirring the crowd (Aquifer stage - below)