Presenting Pilot Mountain to King Jesus

A "LLI Fellowship" Outreach Vision

"We begin with prayer!" 


We are launching a prayer campaign for 2024 and beyond to carry forward

the mission to give Pilot Mountain back to King Jesus.

No matter what happens in our efforts we know for certain that the future of

Pilot Mountain is held in the Hands of Our Lord at His Glorious Return.

The Lord wants to unify His people around the truth


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Any gift offered to this endeavor is given to Holy Spirit 

for the work of Spreading the message of Hope found 

only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ


A prophetic declaration over Pilot Mountain - June 22, 2024

Revival starts with a burden you can't shake

Our small town and our mountain

 Pilot Mountain is one of the most unique mountains ever formed by the hand of our God.  The native Americans fought over supremacy of the mountain.  The Cherokee native Americans named the mountain "Jomeokee" referring to its unique shape and usefulness as a guide to the traveler. The enemy of our souls has over the centuries sought to use our mountain as a place to cast spells of division, marital infidelity as well as the promotion of false religion

On November 2nd 2024 we plan on bring our people together to sing, pray, and fellowship in the center of our town. I believe that this will help turn the tide of our town toward love and righteousness.

Our heart desire is to turn the tide of wickedness and worldliness from our region starting with Pilot Mountain.

The Spirit of the Lord has led us to put our schools first on our prayer list. In the 2nd place we are putting our town leaders into the hands of the Almighty.

Our goal is to bring our town to a place of submission to the Kingly authority of Jesus through the proclamation of the Glorious Message of the Gospel of the Kingdom


We are asking the School board to put the Bible and prayer back in our public schools

Only 2 groups of people on the earth

"Those who fear God and those who don't"

Regional  Transformation

Please watch this presentation on the miracle of city and regional transformation using the means of public prayer

The Hebrides Revival in Scotland 1949